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I am Biswajita.k.a. authorBISWAJIT a multimedia author from India, elated to see you here.

I write, create digital artworks, and teach information technology. At times I immerse myself in music. Music comforts the soul. Creative work is my identity to myself. While Software Engineering is the discipline I got trained in.

To me, the world is a big nation, and that nation is like a big family, wherein humanity is the basic binding force— our global bond.

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Revealing Biswajit, the person; here are glimpses of an interview for you: "LIFE OF A POET ~ BISWAJIT" published on POETS UNITED— a stage that had been reflecting some of the finest poetic minds across the globe.

Sherry: Biswajit, as you are fairly new to Poets United, would you give us a snapshot of the poet at home?

Biswajit: Hello Sherry, welcome to Kolkata (earlier name: Calcutta), my home city, the cultural capital of India. Over centuries people came here from different parts of the world and loved the city. Kolkata assimilated all possible streams of traits, became an ocean of culture. We are at heart of the state West Bengal. Bengali heritage is prevalent here. People speak Bangla—my mother tongue, and our national language Hindi. In daily mass life English is considered somewhat fashionable. But India homes a rich collection of regional languages and dialects thereof. So English sometimes becomes essential to ensure a smooth communication.
Apart from creative writing, I engineer software and teach Information Technology. I started career as IT lecturer. That was my first prominent professional identity. I also worked as a technical writer. Before that I used to write in several literary magazines. I love exploring various forms of art. Nowadays I’m focusing to develop own IT-startup. Summing up, I am an author. This is the perfect umbrella to cover all my activities. Friends and relatives are treasures; I don't have too many. I find students— especially youngsters— truly encouraging. Unlike elders, they dare to dream unconstrainedly, keep wondering, and ignite my urge to learn more.

Sherry: Your life sounds very full and interesting. When did you begin writing, Biswajit?

Biswajit: That was in my early childhood. Even before I learnt to draw a letter, I used to chatter and parody some Bengali rhymes I was taught. But writing creatively came a bit later, when the mind seriously needed an escape. I was eight plus then, mugging up a history chapter that evening. I finished, revised it well. Still, elders forced me to continue with the same— just to cover my scheduled study hours!
The suppression invoked the poet in me. I discovered the way out. Took notebook and jotted down a gist of the whole content, in meters and rhymes. I enjoyed how I felt. Thereafter, family and friends started identifying me as a poet. Exploration thus started to an amazing world of creative writing.

Sherry: It is wonderful when the adults in a child's life encourage his creativity. What do you love about poetry?

Biswajit: Poetry is the most robust and artistic expression of what a creative mind sees. I love the truth being observed, and its artful expression. Sherry, if you allow, may I recall ‘How Can We Save the World with Poetry’ …quoting myself… I had posted this for Rosemary’s ‘Moonlight Musings’ in Poets United: “Poetry has long been neglected, as if, it is mere a fantasizing tool. That incomplete view often cripples us poets. Today I'll disclose my original thoughts expecting a vigorous society of poets around me:
I obtained poetry as a lens system. We can make it convex, concave, flat, or a combination of some of these. As the convex lens can converge sunrays to light a fire, poet's lines can accumulate enough energy to burn any message in mass. As the concave lens can diverge rays, poetic lines can dissipate threads of depressive thoughts away to make a mind calm. At least, we can make a plain mirror of our lines to show the world what true is.

Sherry: I love the whole idea of showing the world what "true" is!

Biswajit: Dreaming imagery, what many great souls might have considered unethical, impractical, and untrue, is just one of the infinite possible views that poetry can cast. We'll decide how far real, or dreamy, our lines are going to be; we can. Also, unless we step beyond what is accepted as today's safe true, how could we find confirmed true for tomorrow? Poetry can show the way.  Politicians, saints, scientists, sport persons, media persons, and so on; all are focusing their excellence to better the world. Are poets the exception? No ways. We may empathize for those who failed to perceive how far poetry can span. Human feelings shape the world and poets can compose human feelings. That's all. Let's compose a beautiful world.

Sherry: Oh, yes, let's! Well said!  I see on your site that you are also an artist. Tell us about your painting. Did you love art as a child?

Biswajit: As a child I used to experiment at random with traditional media. Within a few years, art and science came ahead as two opposing poles; me in-between. Science curriculum demanded more time. Visual art and music didn’t get their due attention. During senior school days I noticed, every decent science project needs an artistic approach, be it coding computer programs or designing physics gadgets.

At the same time, every masterpiece of art, say crafting a beautiful rhyme or tune or painting, needs specific use of science. I was in a great problem: how to cover both the poles— art and science? Came college days and I devised the solution. Art and science, unlike as was interpreted earlier, were actually two lovely approaches of studying the same truth— they differ in perspectives only. Art selects fancy, while science fathoms facts. I loved both the approaches and continued with that truth. You may find it unusual; whenever I get some interesting point, I enjoy its art and science both, equally.

While studying Information Technology, my obvious choice became multimedia creation, especially graphics. In this field you need to study both science and art of the objects you are working on.

Sherry: That sounds a good fit for your combined interests. Is there someone in your life you feel played a significant role in encouraging your creative pursuits?

Biswajit: One at a time might have been, but till date I’m grateful to so many that I can hardly count. I eagerly extracted lessons from most of the people I came across. Nonetheless, I must use this scope to declare some most important contributions:

Support from parents is my first foremost mention. Select relatives and a few great teachers encouraged me truly. Friends helped me to identify myself. And one more thing to admit, being an Indian, then a Bengali inspired me a lot. Indian values in synergy with Bengali heritage can do magic. Since ancient ages we have had so many great immortal talents here— great yogis, philosophers, poets, musicians, vocalists, scientists, artists, educationists and so on. Maybe I know about only few of them yet. But I’m grateful to all those immortal ancestors of my nation.

Sherry: Yes, I am in awe of your ancient culture and the richness of your heritage. Would you like to share three of your poems with us, Biswajit?

Biswajit: Sure! ...

Seeing a luring glow of success, most chased;  
Reached somewhere; found nothing pleasing,  
Became befooled. 
A few had closed their eyes, and meditated;  
Assimilated vast pleasure— never ending;  
Were successful. 

This one was to ascertain before young talents the true nature of success. Many start running before comprehending where to reach. Thus I had to brief this.

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  • A special credit for organizing and conducting this interview goes to Madam Sherry— a prolific, evergreen writer from Tofino, Vancouver Island, Canada.
  • You can catch the refreshed incarnation of then–POETS UNITED here: "What's Going On?"