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Life Demystified: Taught us our great poet Kazi Nazrul Islam

Sung by BISWAJIT during an interview |  Voice Copyright: BISWAJIT;

For friends who may not grasp Bengali wordings,  here is the essence of this song as expressed by the singer. This is diving in an ultimate surrender to the almighty— seen as the divine mother of the entire cosmos:


When they bash me
Hurt me,
Oh omniscient mother,
Thou propel them I think
(How else could they dare?)

When they love me,
Befriend and embrace,
All owes to thine wish.

One can insult me,
Only if
Thou allow them.
They leave me,
They come rushing
To my home,
All happens
As and when thou govern.

Oh divine mother,
How can one
Harm me— thine child?
I believe
Pains I suffer somehow are
Part of thine mystic blessings.
That’s why, even if
They trample me
I try to tolerate smilingly.
I’m sure,
No one can
Annoy any one
Unless thou consent so.


CONFESSION: Mother's Day Salutaion

YouTube video version of the song
Confession: Mother's Day Salutation.

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